Rattan Futon Accessories

Futon_Rattan_Tulip_001 Futon_Rattan_Tulip_002
Rattan Tulip Tables (Dimensions)
The Tulip Tables have curved legs that reach out and up, meeting the top frame in superb leather bound corners. These glass top tables are great pairing with all of our Rattan Floral Collection models; but actually you can put them with anything and they’ll look great.

Rattan Tulip Ottoman (Dimensions)
The Tulip Ottoman is a great add-on with the Rattan Floral Collection Chairs; for that extra stretch-out comfort. And they make great sit-alone stools when the unexpected drops by.

Rattan Drawers (Dimensions)
Rattan Floral Collection Drawers are an integral part of the rattan body design. They are attractive and functional use of space.

Rattan Lily Screen (Dimensions)
The Lily Folding Screen is useable all around the house. Make a private corner in the bedroom, create a vignette in the living room and even decorate a covered terrace. Its luxurious hand-woven panels are set off beautifully against its wooden frame. The Lily Folding Screen is an easy and stylish decorative accessory.